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leaks, drips, advent!

It’s a mystery, the drip, drip, drip, gush from our bathroom shower.
Here’s the scoop:  I went to clean the downstairs bathroom about a month and a half ago – not an every week happening.  I’m not a cleaning slacker, far be it, I’m actually a bit of a neat-nik bordering on germ-a-phobia.  Truth is that bathroom is only used by overnight guests; now, back to the leak and bathroom cleaning chronicle.
Company had come and gone.  It was time to go down to clean so things would be spic and span for the next visitors.  Turning the light on over the vanity, I was met by a dinner-plate-sized bubble in the ceiling, so not a good thing.  The gotta-figure-this-out in me took over.  Where was the leak coming from?  Duh, upstairs, but was it the tub, the shower or the other shower.  So many choices, not many answers, especially because water travels.  It’s like a no rhyme or reason maze.
After inspecting, thinking, checking, snooping out the options, I narrowed the escaping water issue to the main ba…