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Busy and Industrious

Have you every just sat and watched ants wander around?Although I am not a big fan of the six-legged little critters, there’s much to be learned from them.Observation is an amazing thing.
A few “ant” facts:  Did you know that an ant can lift up to 20 times its own weight?That would be like a six or seven year old child being able to pick up a car.Ants don’t have ears.They hear by feeling vibrations.When out foraging they leave a scent trail so they won’t get lost.
Thoughts to ponder: Am I strong?I’m not necessarily talking about physical strength, but that certainly is a good question.Is my spirit robust and thriving; my soul doing well?What am I hearing and listening to?Do I have my ear to the ground to feel the rumble of the train coming down the tracks?Am I touched when I view people in my neighborhood or city?When I’m out and about, what type of fragrance am I leaving?Is it one that I can follow home?Being social insects, ants always have a built-in support system.  They rely on each…

Everything Will Be Ok

While shopping today, I picked up a card that read:  “Everything will be ok … even if we cannot see what ok looks like from here.”   I thought it was the perfect sentiment to send to some family members that needed encouragement.  Enough said … until I was checking out.
The guy ringing up my groceries commented on the card.  “That’s a great thought.  We should post that on our foreheads.”   It was kind of a “duh” moment.  There is an immense amount of truth in the statement. ok How often do I run around fretting about things; letting worries and concerns and frustrations rob me of my joy and peace and contentment?  Those “things” can be mountains or simple irritations.  Either way, circumstances will come into our daily living that can throw us off balance.  Do I have an underlying foundation that allows me to believe and trust in the essence of this saying?  I recently jotted a note in my journal that says, “Faith puts God in control.”
Since I love control this is difficult.   I want to …

Life in the Desert

Earlier this week we visited Boulder City, a quaint desert town just outside of Vegas.  We were spending time with family and enjoying some very warm sunshine.  That is always such a nice treat when we've had cool, rainy weather.
When wandering through downtown you kind of take a step back in time.  The historic Boulder Dam Hotel has been serving guests since the construction of Hoover Dam.  Its rooms are charming and the dining quite fine.  Several of the old store fronts now house antique shops full of brick-a-brack.  Delightful coffee shops and cafes fill in the mix.  The perfect way to see all of this?  By scooter, of course.  That is our favorite way to bop around Boulder.
One afternoon while lying by the pool, I was struck by all of the activity.   It was the middle of the day with a temp over 100, and the birds were obviously oblivious.  They were busy.  As I watched, I jotted this short verse to briefly capture the scene.  Enjoy a little desert tranquility...

Desert Tranquili…