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morning banter, where they know your name

each morning they’d meet at the coffee shop on main street, the one located between the bank and the barber shop the counter was covered with turquoise laminate sprinkled with what looked like leftover toast crumbs black vinyl swivel stools waited for patrons it smelled of black coffee, fried eggs and doughnuts white, thick-rimmed mugs were etched with coffee stains the neon sign flickering “open” clicked on at 5:30 each morning one by one, they filtered in, taking their designated seats …and the banter began
it was a game the old guys played every day, at the coffee shop

We all like having a spot to go, to belong, where we find our friendships. Today, we call them meet-up groups or intentional community. 
What used to just happen organically, now takes scheduling and might not happen for weeks on end. Case in point, I'm having lunch with one of my sisters today that I haven't seen since Thanksgiving. In my defense, it's been a winter to beat winters and we live a good 5 hours apart…

unplugged above the clouds

Our annual unplugged weekend. We adopted this habit last year. It’s a great concept, sometimes easier to strive towards than actually accomplish. It takes discipline to say “no” to the pull of technology and entertainment; saying “yes” to the simple pleasures of writing, reading, napping and having deep and superfluous conversations, just because we can.
I’m usually pretty good about letting down when we get a chance to run away for the weekend. This time was more difficult. I don’t know if it had something to do with having been sick and stuck at home with no people contact for several days or what. No matter, I did manage to set my pacing self aside.

The couple hour drive went smoothly and we arrived mostly on time for our massages – a great way to begin. A stop by the market for simple meals and “thank-you” bottles of wine for our hosts. They joined us at the cabin - a loosely used term for an eclectic, creative, beautiful spot of heaven set way up in the hills, with the most incredi…