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this is me

Isabella Bird
Welcome! Currently, I would call myself a would-be writer, foodist, learning-photographer, visual designer, yada, yada.In other words, I’m fixated on a lot of things, therefore miscellany.

You might wonder why my blog is named Isabella Bird. The simple answer is it's the name of my beautiful Chocolate Lab. She's my girl...but also, Isabella Bird, the adventurous lady who lived from 1831 to 1904, was a traveler and writer. She was a woman on a journey, as am I. 

I really love to eat, so cooking fabulously good, exquisitely prepared is a passion that I indulge in daily. I seek out new eateries, recipes and devour, so to speak, every new issue of Bon Appetit, Saveur and Cooking Light. Oh, and cookbooks? They are ideal reading material.

Being a discoverer and purveyor of new, beautiful and unusual things – people, places, objects – I am truly amazed at  what can be learned by observing. Finding unique “stuff," decorating and designing, play a role in the writing of the book of my life; and of course, being outside whenever possible, even if it's a rainy day.

I could be a rambling wanderer, but I do have some things to say. Thanks for spending time at Isabella Bird Miscellany.



  1. Read some of your thoughts. I am impressed.

    Your darling brother,


    1. Darling brother, your words are most appreciated!


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the lights just clicked on

The lights just clicked on. The ones we hung outside last Friday when the day was bright and fair. Today it’s cloudy and cold. It’s dark earlier. So, the lights just clicked on.

It’s pretty. If I squint, the white fairy lights look like tiny gleaming stars. Bordering on gazing at an inky sky, dotted and specked with minute bursts of light.

Two Moravian stars with multi-faceted points hang. They sway with the breeze. Moving to the wind’s breathed music. They reflect in the open window; mirror images, star duets.

Santa arrives in a helicopter descent at the Old Mill. He sets up shop, elves and reindeer to join later. High fives, and shy giggles, the kids approach. Innocent, bright eyes wide open and hopeful.

It’s a magical and expectant season. It’s Advent.

Advent – the arrival of the awaited One – is more than my lights clicking on, the Moravian stars dancing and my grandkids’ wonder at the arrival of Santa. I love each of these experiences and the specialness of the memories.

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tradition or rhythm and christmas walks

How long does it take to make a tradition? Is there some sort of parameter, or is it something that just comes to be? By definition, a tradition is something passed down from generation to generation, but how are new ones established? I mean, they have to have a beginning.

That little diatribe to say, my cute man and I have a new Christmas morning rhythm, since tradition might be too strong of a word.

After coffee, breakfast and the Christmas story, we donned our hikers and headed out to walk the trail at Shevlin Park. Others had the same idea as we met families large and small; folks out for a run both with and without furry friends in tow. The mood was congenial with Holiday greetings. I made it my mission to say “Merry Christmas” to everyone we met.

The day was stellar, cold, crisp air, ice crystals sparkling in the late morning sunshine.

The beginning of the trail is enclosed in bare-branched trees that only a couple months ago were ensconced in iridescent golden coins that quaked …

the quiet paradox

I'm a music girl, but I like the quiet. So, I live with this paradox. I see other enigmas in my life - some are trivial, others deserve attention.

Look at society. Our current culture is rife in a quagmire of nonsensical. We say we care and want to love, yet do nothing. Or, worse, we simply yammer on about how "somebody" really should be taking care of this or that. I'm guilty here. No stones are being cast.

Ergo, I turned off the music to sit in the quiet. What can be heard in the quiet is unreal; the birds waking up, the guy down the street is warming his truck, the slight ringing in my ears,  my thoughts. I can hear my thoughts instead of drowning them out with sound. Sound that I normally groove on.

When I hear my thoughts, I'm more aware of the paradox. Even as I sit, the furnace clicks off and the sound of the refrigerator is noticeable; a see-saw invasion to my soul searching and hearing.

My interlude with quiet is ending. The sun is pouring through the w…