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wishing flower, vulnerable and beautiful

do you see a weed or a wish?

Let’s just say, I’m not an early morning girl.  Those who know me appreciate this and quietly leave me alone until I’ve had a chance to emerge from my pre-coffee zombie state.  However, there is a bird glee club that begins at about 3:30, yes in the morning.  It’s lovely and melodic; leaving me no choice but to listen.  Translated, this means I’ve been up before my norm.  The youthful hours are warm, but fresh; they beg for a walk, and so does Isabella.

Yesterday was a little cooler so our pace was speedy, at least for my little legs.  We passed cars and bushes and bugs zipping around … and the rejected weed.

pulled up by its roots
discarded wishing flower tossed aside
left at the edge of the sidewalk

the sun beat down
life ebbing from the slender stalk, leaves drying, privately curling
desperate to hold onto being

funny, how I noticed the thrown-away on a morning walk
my thought to stop and pick up the mopped, fluffy head

full of wispy seeds of would-be, it held a fundamental artistry lying in the dirt

but I passed by, ignoring what I saw
how common, to turn aside

the day’s weight diminishes, repeating my steps
wishing flower waits, roots exposed, vulnerable and beautiful
a tender puncture, I stop … seeing a weed, I reach for the possible

In the morning I had the inclination to bring the frothy blossom home.  It’s exquisiteness haunting my thoughts.  Come evening, following a similar walk, the wishing flower was positioned in a poignant arrangement on the ground, lingering.  This time, the ending was altered.  I gathered it from its exiled pose. 

My wishing flower is an emotional snippet …


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  1. I relate this to many do we see on our daily journey that are laying in the dirt and dust and we pass them by?? My soul weeps for these people...

    1. Exactly, my flower is merely an image of what we pass each day. Thanks for catching the figurative message behind the real.

  2. Mornings are my favorite time. I get to experience the world before the rest of it wakes. I hear those birds too. At the first crack of light until there is no choice but the join them. I loved how you highlighted the words in your poem. Yes, we do leave so much in the dust. Not a lot we can do but keep trying when opportunity presents. Stay cool on your walks this week.

    1. Keep trying is the key element. Enjoy your mornings too, when there is a slight amount of coolness, my friend.

  3. The rejected by one can be the treasure for the other. I just love this intriguing little thing that God has created.
    Nice poem.

    1. Thank you, Chris. God does create some pretty amazing things! Happy Fourth!


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