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Mosaic ... Shattered Pieces

It's Holy Week ...
I am in awe ... I am shattered into pieces
It's Holy Week ... I am remembering ... the things You did ... and will yet do
It's Holy Week ... You were broken into tiny pieces ... So that You could make our lives into a beautiful mosaic, a picture

It's Holy Week ... As I reflect on this season, I remember that You took everything upon Yourself ... on a cross ... to put the pieces of my life into order
It's Holy Week ... Lead me to the cross ... where Your love was poured out ... and shattered pieces became a mosaic of life
It's Holy Week ... I am peaceful, quieted in Your love
Peace be with you all ~ Missy

Somewhere Over the Grape Arbor

Spring:  To appear or come into being quickly
(Free On-Line Dictionary) Today is officially the first day of Spring.  It has been extremely wet and blustery, almost like the season is wanting to make a bold statement announcing its arrival.  At the same time there is a gentleness in the day...the sun peaking through the dark skies, bright golden blooms of forsythia swaying in the breeze and the buds ready to burst open on the flowering cherry trees.  All promises yet to be fulfilled.

The definition that I've used for "spring" is not related to the season, but rather an action; however, it seems appropriate for the season as well.  Sometimes it appears suddenly, quite taking us by surprise, much like the appearance of a rainbow in the midst of a shower. 
Somewhere over the grape arbor there are activities.  It could be pruning the grapes, pulling weeds or just chasing the rainbow to see where it leads...finding the roads less travelled.  I'm going to look for Spring to ap…

An Obsession with Markets

Farmer’s Markets, the neighborhood grocery store or the fruit stand just down the street, all are havens for picking up a few delectable ingredients for a meal.   While living in Australia in the early 90’s I became obsessed with the different types of markets;   literally there was the butcher, the baker and well…the candlestick maker.  I found myself journeying to the fresh-air shops every Sunday afternoon in search of vegetables, fruits and assorted sundries for the coming week.

Wanneroo Markets teemed with activity, as well as delights that I had never seen.  Growing up in the lush Willamette Valley of Oregon, I was very familiar with sweet apples and warm, juicy peaches; however guavas, mangoes and passion fruit held an exotic allure.  After loading the basket with these treasures, I would venture to the next stall to inspect the warm, just out of the oven scones studded with red currants.  “I’ll take half a dozen, and a jar of clotted cream.”  Clotted cream was also a new discove…

A Passion for Learning

"Develop a passion for learning.  If you do, you will never cease to grow."  - Anthony J D'Angelo

Learning is a life long endeavour.  We tend to equate learning with formal settings like school.  But what about all of the opportunities that surround us each day?  Simply reading through a magazine, watching a television program or observing our surroundings while on a walk affords us the chance to engage our minds.
Back in January I wrote about using the "dormant season" to learn.  As the seasons march on, I'm continuing to increase my knowledge.  Today has been no exception.  If you look at how my blog appears, you will see some additional features, a new lay-out and tabs.  On Tuesday, I received a wonderful book as a gift.  It's entitled "Food Styling - The Art of Preparing Food for the Camera" by Delores Custer.  While it is going to take me awhile to get through it, I'm excited to dig in and see what can be discovered.  Even Isabella, my c…

A Child's View

"Look at me!  I did it!"  These words are often heard when spending time with little kids...exuberance!  Children may not have the abilities to complete a task, but that doesn't hinder them from trying ... and succeeding.  

A child's view is full of wonder, amusement and discovery.  Each opportunity is seen as a chance to experience something new and delightful.  Just start blowing a few bubbles and watch what happens.  Suddenly, they are chasing, watching, jumping, catching and giggling.  Can something that simple fill me with awe and wonder?

Won-der:  rapt attention or astonishment 
at something awesomely mysterious or new 
to one's experience 
What has my attention?  In the definition of the word, (side note:  I love definitions) amazement occurs when something is mysterious or a new experience.  Everyday encounters offer chances to see as a child.  Look at the clouds.  Do you see impending rain, or wispy horsetails?  Is the empty box just waiting …