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A Child's View

"Look at me!  I did it!"  These words are often heard when spending time with little kids...exuberance!  Children may not have the abilities to complete a task, but that doesn't hinder them from trying ... and succeeding.  

A child's view is full of wonder, amusement and discovery.  Each opportunity is seen as a chance to experience something new and delightful.  Just start blowing a few bubbles and watch what happens.  Suddenly, they are chasing, watching, jumping, catching and giggling.  Can something that simple fill me with awe and wonder?

Won-der:  rapt attention or astonishment 
at something awesomely mysterious or new 
to one's experience 

What has my attention?  In the definition of the word, (side note:  I love definitions) amazement occurs when something is mysterious or a new experience.  Everyday encounters offer chances to see as a child.  Look at the clouds.  Do you see impending rain, or wispy horsetails?  Is the empty box just waiting for recycling day, or is it a boat for sailing off to find adventure?

I know we can't just look at the world through rose-colored glasses.  There are real and definite needs in our lives.  However, the child has a certain knowledge that those needs will be taken care of by their loved ones.  We have a "Loved One" who cares for us.  "Look at the birds, free and unfettered ... And you count far more to him than birds."  Matthew 6:26 (The Message) This is mysterious and new to some of our experiences; causing wonder!

Viewing with a child's eyes ~ Missy


  1. Your writing gets better and better..and oh so true. Life could be so much better if we just trusted our Love One who cares so much for us. Love you Daughter. Mom


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