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Last weekend we attended a church in the Seattle area.  During the announcements, the word "re-inventor" was used in relation to 50-somethings.  It caught my attention straightaway!  In fact, I loved the terminology immediately.  change so much that it appears to be entirely new; take up a radically new job or way of life (Google definition) 
When you "invent" you are creating or designing something new.  To "reinvent," though, you are altering and transforming the original.  This whole concept really got me to thinking.  For the past while, I have been working on the "reinventing" process without even knowing it.  Our kids haven't lived at home for several years.  They have children of their own.  We've moved to Portland after being in Eugene for 14 years.  This means re-establishing, well, everything.  I remember some friends saying, “what an opportunity to start over; do something new.”

Our lives grow and change as we go through the distinct stages of life, yet who we are remains.  So how do we apply the “re-inventor” to the everyday?  An example is:  I’ve done display work for the past several years.  I’m not doing that right now, but I am creating written articles and poems; and photographing or sketching the results of new recipes.  The same creative talents used in a fresh manner – “re-invented.”

We often come to splits in the road; head east or west?  I’ve decided, instead of going wild trying to figure everything out, I'm going to view this as a reinventing time.  The old adage says, the wheel is good … it just needs to be tweaked to perfection.

I’m continuing my journey … now I’ve added “re-inventor” to the list of adventures ~ Missy


  1. I believe this is what I have been doing with my life and to cross are there and I too have decided to not stress, but to tweak the wheel and enjoy re-inventing..Great Blog..Love Mom

    1. I thought the whole concept of "re-inventor" was so enlightening. I'm still mulling it over. Thanks for the words of encouragement! Love you too


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