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Resuregence of an archaic icon ... the drive-in movie

99W Drive-In ... Serving folks since 1953 with a Coke and a smile

Time flies!  It's been a couple of weeks since I last posted.  That is way to long for a person of "many words."  And ... I'm sure that is exactly how the old drive-in movie theaters feel.  Time has flown by.  "We used to be the hopping spot on a Friday night.  Now, we have become a relic of the good old' days."

During the late sock-hop years there were more than 4,000 drive-in theaters.  That number has now dwindled to around 360 venues.  Many factors contributed to the decline, but mostly it became a matter of convenience.  It was much more convenient to go to a movie house that was warm, dry and had cushy, rocking seats.

21st century:  a return of all things old are new again...including
this archaic icon of Americana

Earlier this summer, we ventured to the small town of Newberg where the 99W Drive-In is still alive and doing quite well.  Not without setbacks and hard times, 99W opened its doors in 1953 showing "Sea Devils" starring heart-throb, Rock Hudson and "Under the Sahara."  Now mind you, this isn't your grandparents' drive-in.  It was a lot more like tailgating at a Duck football game!  Kids were running around playing with Frisbees or footballs, dressed in jammies and flip-flops; picnic dinners being shared and lots of laughter.  We jumped right in to the pre-movie boot filled with food, lawn chairs, blankets for the cooling evening; it was to be a very late night.

Around 10pm the sky was sufficiently dark ... the movie trailers began.  Once again, a modern-urban-vintage vibe happening; they play old concession snack bar reels.  Talk about a blast to and from the past.  Two full-length movies and a tub of popcorn later, we packed up and headed out of the park; climbing into bed with smiles on our faces around 3am.

The moral of the story is:  call your sister, invite yourself to her house for dinner, a place to sleep and a movie at the drive-in located a few blocks from her house.  What you miss in sleep, you will gain in fond memories...

Signed, Urban-Vintage Girl ~ Missy


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