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gather, do it!

outside, inside, coffee shop,
Funny how the things that you are pondering and trying to figure out keep popping up - all around and in various ways with the same ditty.

Years back, we were looking at moving to Durango. The word, the vehicle was everywhere. Could it have been a sign? Probably not,  just a happening, as it wasn't a move we made. Things like that are confusing to brains that are already functioning in a state of confusion.

Right now, the recurring "thing" is community.  I'm keenly aware of how this is different than the above.  Community is a pervasive life.  It's desperately needed by everybody.  We all have a core need to be connected to someone or something; that basic need to know and be known.

this intrinsic necessity runs the gamut: moms groups, biking clubs, knitters or quilters anonymous, the beer drinkers and club hoppers, the kiddos gathering on the playground

Sitting at Starbucks on this extra day in February, it's leapin'!  People are coming and going. Some just in and out on their way to work; others meeting up with friends.  You hear different conversations, those mixed with laughter, others, you can tell, are intent.  

At one particular table, there are two people who seem to know everyone who comes in. Their table filled and emptied several times; peopled stopping to chat bit.  I don't know if that is a conscience decision or merely a byproduct of how they choose to live.  It makes me wonder if that's how I choose to live.

In my struggle to find "my" community, I'm guessing it's all around me, if I simply realize it. Holy cow!  just pull my head out, get up and do it.  After all, what's stopping me from saying, "Hey"?


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  1. Interesting post, Missy. Very thought provoking. It is the word I had in mind when I moved to Oregon after many years of feeling the lack of community. I wasn't looking for a house or a home, I was looking for a community. So many have become hermit like and prefer to be left alone. Me, I love the drop by and have a cuppa or a glass of. It's essential to our well being. The larger our community, the better we handle the slings and arrows of life.

    1. So true, Marlene, and we find our community in unexpected places. A perfect example was our writing group. It was a conglomeration of folks, but we had our creative thoughts in common. I love the idea of multiple communities, whether it's our neighborhood, a coffee group, or ... the possibilities go on and on. Thanks!

  2. thanks for the really hit the nail on the head!! I think this something we all ask..where is my community? When you stay in an area for a while, you build your community..then when it is time to return to you old community, it is a lonely feeling, a journey of the unknown again..back to familiar surroundings, but...not the same??

    1. Yep, because you guys have started developing new community this winter. Now, it's a savor the new and return to the old, but you take new interests and desires to the old, so it too, becomes new. I know, circular logic. Thanks bunches!


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