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snow, dependency and freedom

only a shadow

I’m out. I’m free. I drove. I’m capable.

My sweet zombie apocalypse Mini Cooper is awesome! It tears up the snow and ice like the Wulfe that it is, however, the beauty and the curse of my ride is the low ground clearance. It’s brilliant for stability in a myriad of road conditions, except for deep snow, and deep snow has happened in my city.

Roads are plowed in town and actually in my neighborhood. The issue has arrived in the alley which leads to my garage. It is only passable if you happen to drive a 4 x 4 that’s jacked 10 feet up. Well, maybe I am exaggerating a tiny bit, but needless to say, Wulfe has stayed in the garage for almost a week.

my sweet wulfe before the snow continued and continued and continued

Wulfe and I’d been out four-wheeling in the grocery store parking lot on Saturday. I can’t believe I didn’t go anywhere in a vehicle until late Wednesday morning. I’d walked and shoveled snow and cooked and did some work from home; having had my four-wheel driving man pick up my files ahead of time. Good thinking, right?

So, this week I’ve been at the mercy of my family, begging for rides like a hitcher on the side of the road. Literally, I walked to the end of the alley and awaited my chariot.

Today, Friday (the actual day this post was written in my notebook), said darling man of mine had a late afternoon dentist appointment. He called and said, “Hey why don’t I come home a few minutes early and pick you up. You can go DO something.” He knows me. That was sweet-driving-music to my ears! But wait! I don’t drive his rig enough to be confident in how it handles, let alone jumping in to it when the roads are more than a tad dicey.

my lovely reward after escaping the snow confines

His reassuring words, “It’s a four-wheel drive and handles great,” were the only encouragement I needed. He climbed out at the dentist and I took off for Palate, a coffee bar that I adore, hadn’t been to for a while and which I find to be conducive to writing.

Sitting here, there are a few people sipping drinks, working on their laptops or phones, a family with a little girl who’s quiet and mellow Indie jazz playing in the background. There are piles of snow up to the top of the window ledges. I feel like I’m sitting in a reverse snow globe, where the white flakes are on the outside.

The barista is cleaning up as it moves toward closing time, which means I’ll need to leave this lovely foray into the real snow world.

A couple of days later my sweet zombie was able to run about due to the packed snow base, only to be submerged as the melt began. Stuck in the garage and once again at the whims of others to take me to and fro, we called a guy to plow the alley ... and guess what? I've been set free from my snow mote.

Peace, love and venturing out –


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